I Love Green Juice. A Love Story.

Posted on Aug 1, 2014

How did I fall in love with green juice, you might ask. Well, it all began the day after my
son was born. While I was pregnant with Max, I was approached by a lovely couple who
wanted me to perform aerial silks at their wedding reception. The wedding was 10
weeks after my due date. “Sure, I can do it! No problem.” I said. Oh my goodness,
how? Max is my second child. After the birth of my daughter, I took my time getting
back into shape. I relaxed, thinking my muscles would just start functioning again the
way they did before I was pregnant. 3 months after Keira was born I went to set up for a
double star and had a rude awakening. I couldnʼt invert! But, I had waited. I mistakenly
believed that I would just pop back into shape. WRONG! I had to TRAIN!

Well, humph, I wasnʼt going to let that happen again. I committed to performing, and set out
on my task of figuring out how I was going to get back into shape 9 weeks after my son
was born (he was 1 week late.) I stumbled upon a wonderful book by Natalia Rose,
Detox 4 Women. She talked about food combining, the importance of green juiuce and
simplifying your diet. I had been vegan/vegetarian for years, relying strongly on nuts and
cheese for energy. Not to mention processed vegetarian and vegan foods. I decided I
would start this new way of eating the day after Max was born. I brought my green juice
with me to the birth, so I could drink it immediately afterward. At first it was very
challenging. My body was pretty toxic from all of the chemicals I had been feeding it for
years. I continued on with the plan, though. I was able to perform at the wedding
(double star and all!) and felt so good that I decided to continue to juice and eat well
combined meals.

I have been juicing every day for 4+ years and plan to continue with it
as long as I feel the benefits. I feel like my health has significantly improved. My skin,
hair and nails have improved in clarity and strength. I weigh about 15 lbs less than I did
before I had kids (which makes aerial arts significantly easier.) I have tons of energy
and my flexibility and strength have improved. If thatʼs not enough, I feel like my focus
has improved. My life is simpler, even though I have added children, business and
hobbies. My first meal of the day is always green juice, so thatʼs one less thing I have to
decide. I know that Iʼm always giving myself a strong dose of absorbable nutrition
without puting stress on my body. I feel lighter, cleaner and all in all better. And the
green juice is delicious!

Veteranʼs Green Juice from The Juice Works
makes 2 days of juice for me, 64 oz

3 heads romaine
1 bunch kale
6 stalks celery
4 cups spinach
3 lemons
2 tbsp ginger