Aerial is an exciting and beautiful art form which requires strength, flexibility, creativity and confidence. Beginning aerial classes include learning to climb the silk, tying basic foot knots and cultivating body awareness while on the silk. Intermediate aerial classes focus on alternative climbs, drops, locks, strength and flexibility training along with sequences in the air.

Heather teaches at her home studio in Eden Prairie,  Gleason’s Gymnastics School in Eagan,  and Yoga Center of Minneapolis in St. Louis Park. Classes and workshops include:

Beginning Silks:
This workshop is an introduction to silks or a re-introduction to silks. We will focus on basic skills, including climbs, foot and hip locks and inversions. This class is designed to introduce you to silks and give you a foundation of a few key movements so that you can begin to develop your own practice. 4 classes total.

Developing Endurance on Silks:
In this workshop, we will begin with climbs and a warm up for technique and grip with exercises which develop core strength and momentum. Depending on the level of the class, we will then learn a sequence of movements including wraps and drops designed to challenge endurance. With proper form, constant attention to flow and the understanding of when to rest, students will learn to develop a practice that used over time will greatly increase endurance on the silks, This class can be a beginning, intermediate or advanced class. Aerialists must have at least one year of experience on silks to join.

Use Your Legs on the Silks:
We know that aerial arts are great for building strength in the upper bod and core, but often the lower part of the body is neglected. In this workshop, we will explore the use of the pelvis and legs, develop longer lines in the legs, and build strength in the lower abdominals and hips. The use of your legs on silks will help prolong your career! Your body will feel stronger because it has balance. We will draw from classical ballet and modern dance techniques and learn conditioning exercises that will increase inner thigh, hamstring and glute strength. This class is for the aerialist who can climb, invert and hook a knee, beginner through advanced students.